2019 is the year of VDI - Are you ready?

Parallels & Vantisco provide a cost-effective, end-to-end VDI solution

Turnkey solution

By leveraging the on-demand scalability of Vantisco services and Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) automation, you can create a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that is easy to deploy, manage and maintain.

Think big, starting small

Parallels RAS and Vantisco offer a modular and all-in-one solutions that allow organizations to expand their operations without losing their initial investment - We grow with you without any hidden cost.


With their combined experience in data center solutions and VDI desktop, Parallels RAS and Vantisco, enable organizations to set-up a complete VDI solution at a fraction of the cost compared to the other vendors on the market.

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Turnkey solution

Avoid the time-consuming complexities of traditional VDI solutions. Instead, roll out a complete VDI ecosystem and start publishing virtual desktops in no time by leveraging the combined highly automated and remarkably simple installation, configuration, and deployment capabilities of Vantisco and Parallels RAS.

Think big, starting small

Ditch the practice of raising capital for a VDI infrastructure based on a forecast of how much capacity you might need down the line. Rather, build a cloud-like infrastructure that’s just right for your current needs and budget but fully capable of rapidly scaling out as your demand grows.


Eliminate unnecessary costs that accompany traditional VDI solutions, especially upfront costs for the underlying infrastructure (physical servers, hypervisors, storage, networking, etc.) and professional fees for installation, configuration, and maintenance. With Parallels RAS and Vantisco, you can acquire an equally-capable VDI infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

Parallels - RAS Out-of-the-box Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

VDI solutions enable organizations to improve security, and reduce IT workload by centralizing desktop management. Parallels RAS and Vantisco allow users to access their virtual workspace from anywhere, providing a Windows desktop-like experience on any device. Together, Parallels RAS and Vantisco simplify the IT infrastructure deployment making VDI quick, easy, and affordable.

Simplified VDI Management

Parallels RAS automatically generates and deploys VDI desktops on demand, using customized templates. This allows administrators to create and deploy guest VMs on the fly, saving a great deal of time. Create a virtual desktop once and replicate it as many times as needed


Using linked clones, the IT team can simply copy the files already available on the virtual disk at the time of the VM snapshot instead of launching a whole new full VM. This allows multiple virtual machines to use the same software installation, also saving disk space.

Test Guest VM Template Wizard

Parallels RAS includes a Test Guest VM Template wizard, which automates VM testing and VM deployment to ensure that custom-built templates work smoothly, reducing the administrator's manual tasks.

The wizard test templates can create a working instance of a guest VM to ensure they have been created and configured correctly. This gives the administrator peace of mind knowing that the templates are fully deployable.

Storage Space Management

The VM template function is used to deploy the VDI hosts for the clients, allowing the IT administrator to set a preconfigured alive timer or set a persistent session that needs to be removed manually.

After the predefined time expires, the VM image is deleted from the Parallels RAS server, removing the storage space that was reserved for it. That way IT administrators can have automatic management of the storage space used by the VDI hosts.

VM Pool Management

Pools offer administrators more flexibility when managing an extensive number of guest VMs, especially when they are implemented in large company infrastructures. IT administrators can set multiple virtual desktop templates on their farm and share them between user groups. Different RAS Templates can be created with specific requirements, such as document-processing tools for finance or image-processing tools for creativity team, thus simplifying account management on the IT side. Each pool can contain different types of members which can be guest VMs created from different RAS templates, other guest VMs or even other pools.

IT Services

We have partner relationship with the Top vendors in the IT sector. Our portfolio includes more than 39 Vendors. Our experts are ready to deliver consultancy in order to identify the best solutions for your company, from the identification of infrastructure needs to the planning of a digital marketing campaign for your products and services sale. The technical team at Vantisco wants you to have the benefit of our industry experience and expertise to achieve your company growth

Cloud and on-premise infrastructure

We provide you infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) Via Azure and we can also provide you with all your on-premise requirements such as servers; storage subsystems; networking devices, like switches, routers and Firewalls.

Cyber Security

Protect your systems, networks and data from cyber attacks. we have a wide range of software and hardware products to protect you.


We will assist you in using Information Technology to achieve your business objective. We are expertise in: • Network infrastructure • IT solutions • Project management • Business Solutions


We have great partner relationships with Microsoft, Nutanix, malwarebyte, RedHat, Adobe, Gemalto, Watch Guard, SAP, Dropbox, Acronis, Parallels, Suse, Veeam..


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